Vida Uptown
Township @ Panjim, Goa
Expat Group
Vida means, ‘live your life’. We believe, life is a celebration, and we designed Vida Uptown to house those moments. Thus, we found the perfect spot in Goa, and we modelled the ideal home for you. Come, celebrate elite living at Vida Uptown.

The Growth of a New Address #upperpanjim

The availability of infrastructure, high literacy rates, good educational and healthcare facilities has made Panjima central attraction to the development of Goa. Today, this has meant Panjim is bursting at it's seams with all the necessities of an urban life. Real Estate prices have sky rocketed and the city has seen increased traffic and population.

Expat Vida Uptown was designed to maximize your everyday living, and its location accentuates this idea while still maintaining accessibility.