Why to invest in Dholera SIR the emergence of Smart Cities’ concept has taken the urbanization sector by a storm, offering solutions galore to the woes of urbanization. Identified about 90 kms from Ahmedabad, the Dholera Smart City is a dream project of our Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. During his tenure as a Chief Minister of the state, he visualized the construction of the Dholera Smart City.

Dholera SIR(special investment region ) is the most promising location in Gujarat as of now because it has been declared as the priority development area by Government of Gujarat as well as Central Government under the DMIC Project. This location gives you opportunity to grow, prosper and even live a peaceful life.

Dholera is been declared as a special investment region (SIR) and hence it promises abundant growth opportunities to the investors and buyers. As per the government plans International Airports, Seaport, Metro Rail, 10 Lane National Highway, Industrial Corridor and Kalpsar Dam projects are to be developed at Dholera. Hence the investment security part of the buyers is taken care off.
  • Total 22 villages were incorporated under SIR Act.
  • SIR is spread over in Approx 900 sq. kms.
  • Approx 400 sq. kms. fall under CRZ (Costal Reserve Zone).
  • Out of balance 500 sq.kms. Govt. took 360 sq.kms. On task for the development of a Well Planned city, called Dholera SIR.
  • 6 TP schemes already drafted across the area.
  • The project is kept on fast track to ensure the development happens in stipulated time.
  • DSIRDA is created and given task to keep watch over the projects timeline.
  • Asia's biggest and World's second largest Cargo Airport is approved and Govt acquired 7672 Hec of land for the same.
  • 1700 Hec land is under use in the first phase of Airport's development.
  • Presently road widening work is going on at this area.
Here are some of the prominent
opportunities available for investors:

Residential townships.
Manufacturing Units.
Development Leisure and entertainment activities.
Some of the reasons for investors to explore the opportunities:
Would have basic infrastructure, including water,
road, electricity, and transport among others
matching global standards
International level water – seaport, air – airport and
surface transport in the vicinity.
Employment potential.
Potential to triple the industrial output.
Petro-Chemicals and the Petroleum Inv.
Immense opportunities for PPP Model (Public Private Partnership) of socio-economic growth